Suicide Might be Gendered

Sometimes I wouldn’t put it past you that I make you sick. What actually goes on with the LGBT community would mystify the concept of money and the concept of shrinking it. How do you manage this? Let someone else’s clinical gaze not make a joke about public and private life. Perhaps everyone honestly holds […]

Making Peace with Your Patricia

What if you’re a blow in?  “Some people do not understand jokes,” you say, and point and laugh. That wasn’t me. A sex retard? The clown is better off. It’s hard to know if gender roles involve innoculating women. In Napoleonic France during the time of Baudelaire it seemed to be custom, but that’s France. […]

The Creature with the Atom Brain

Paranoia makes you worthless. It’s not like fearfulness which makes men worth less. You can still respect a paranoid if its not about your relationship. Usually the police say you’re paranoid when other people think they hyjacked your ability to confiscate yourself. In this country the Gardaí tell you to lie. If lying wasn’t poetic […]

Mental Dysphoria for Every Dummy

Gender dysphoria is the experience of intense psychological distress that everybody experiences because of gender roles and often (but not always) biological sex characteristics that do not fall in line with a person’s deeper self. Society, which cannot think for itself, suffers from a lot of gender dysphoria, in my opinion. Many social issues, like […]

What Pessimists Say to Me

I’m not a pessimist. I hate pessimists. I wish I could shoot myself in the head when I meet one. It’s true, this life doesn’t understand itself. I’d stand in line, though, to watch it shoot itself in the foot and it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. It’s a shame that standing […]

First Coming Out for Trans People

This isn’t ‘coming out for straight people’. This is ‘coming out for trans people’. Coming out as different for the first time in your life is sort of a difficult one. Like all LGBT people we tend to feel indignant and bored with the whole straight ambivalence situation. We don’t fully understand the morality behind […]