‘How’ Lame?

I thought we were going with a coming out gay joke, but I think that would be lame if it were not funny. I’m already wondering if I should allow the hate speech on here, when I believe its purpose both and wouldn’t be maintained. Thing is, I don’t know how retarded I should be for you. If I wrote here that I was some kind of gangster I’d be in less trouble with you and in more trouble with the law. Why would you do that to me? You’re retarded. Because that’s like saying you vote for a conscious fucking reason and I don’t, or something.

Yeah… I have no idea what you want. Do you have a dick problem? This is difficult, actually. If I could say it any other way I probably wouldn’t. I don’t know who’s thing that is all the time. The information drip feed is like a noise in my head that offends me. Is it a lot to ask to make yourselves aware of what a dick is?

I’m conscious of the fact I’m a man, guys. Do you know what that means? This lame guy centuries ago pointed out that public reason exists. You know, the ‘public use of reason’… This level of indoctrination on which you think you function either has nothing to do with you or your indoctrination is false, man. I don’t know what to say to you. How many humans ever actually say anything in their entire damn lives? Straight sex would make nihilists out of the best of us.

Shrinks entertain people these days. That says it all in my opinion. I think they’re probably confused about whether there’s a war somewhere. The people who see shrinks, I mean. I’m not a warrior, but I am a native.

It’s hard to know where this is going. If I said ‘I’m ginger,” “I’m an alcoholic” you’d even get it, but I’m not. This is meant for everybody. Bring it on guys. Because would a fart get it?


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