Why Are You Dumb? Drill Here.

My self-esteem is more important than your existence. That’s kind of what self-esteem means. When you tell me you don’t have any, when you make me listen to that I just don’t know what your life’s about. Self-esteem doesn’t mean arrogance about your self-pity, but some of the best self-esteem is when it’s even aware of its own arrogance. The greatest hatred towards great men is based in a hatred of self-esteem as such, judging by facts that were created by assholes. That’s bizarre you might say, but I know this because of male privilege.

Feminism is not my angle. Men need to learn how to dispense with this term. I let go of the concept that a women’s movement could lead the change that men are equal to women because civil rights movements don’t work that way. Equality is one thing. That’s not opaque. If I fucked this doughnut over here and fucked this doughnut over there the fat bastard won’t see the cinnamon on that one. Libertarianism is another. This is very trivial, but clearly people are afraid of conviction. Guys, that’s a separate issue. And so are women. For you.

You’re breaking up. Am I losing you? You are important to my self-esteem. This guy is just the bare bones of it. I’m slim.

You can’t support gay rights if you can’t put the face of a gay guy before the right to be gay. That’s if you’re not gay. I mean, you can support gay rights. No one’s saying you can’t, man. Why is this a fucking opinion for people? I mean, gays give a fuck. It’s just…

Anyway, this whole topic doesn’t offend me, even though people out there fuck animals and that’s sort of not a thing for them. I wonder what civilization actually expects from me, since it clearly doesn’t know what it wants, except the working classes to not have class consciousness.

I have to breach this topic. It bores me like a drill might.


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