The Transmen’s Problem

No man is brave enough to tell someone else to be a man these days. Even though we like to pretend that happens (via a history of school beatings which stopped in the 90s, with current Church worship, Sunday appearances and Starbucks) it really doesn’t. Imagine if I liked Starbucks and then wrote on that… My theory is that most people are cowards. My second theory is that most people are fucking stupid. When people are cowards they’re afraid of getting beaten up in a fight about who is a real man and who is not. When people are stupid they just don’t know how to solve a problem.

Transmen need help to understand why this world makes them dress up as women, not because their poor, over-worked mind needs help but because your world demands to be helped by women (and even by men) because your world won’t learn to help itself. The truth is transmen never get an answer to why the world makes them ‘be women’! In actual fact, there really is no answer. There is no rational reason for making a man dress up as a woman. The effect this dehumanisation has on a man is evident in dress style.

The small problem and the big guy are two different things. What a bitch!



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