Why I Like Machiavellianism and Why I hate Thatcherism

Woe to the demi-gods who dance too closely to the truths they were not meant to know and to the sycophants who worship those celestial powers. Induction into esoteric knowledge is by invitation only and the unspoken peril awaits those whose terror beseeches the face of the almighty lost, for it is they who lead the many.

How do I awake from this terrible dream? Perhaps you too have noticed the tooth and claw statements about political conniving around every corner? I remember in secondary school they even made us take it out on Hamlet for supposing his Uncle was a murderer and his mother a bitch. But my generation never inherited a mortgage in that way, so a few of us always leaked out of that particular round of financial conditioning.

When I turned all this into my sociological scope I noticed something uncanny about the topic that deals with draconianism and right-wing politics. The world is changing and it’s perfectly adequate to invoke the clique that ‘the way the world is going’ is downhill, but on an important cultural level. Yet cliques themselves are not fairytales, are they?

Fairytales are what makes this capitalist pyramid stand on all fours. There is too much of that type of fiction and too much inability to tell a story the right way. Still, the slogan sells to this day, that business owners can invest because liberalism will always be liberalism with or without a financial crisis. To be honest, I think that’s a fairytale and a half. The propaganda vehicle for civilization not changing in that way rings worse to me.

I could never achieve at this level, I concluded and there really is nothing wrong with lying to a bitch.


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