Sustainable Engineering has a History of Totalitarianism

Western society has had the effect that an empirical fact is economically useless to free individuals. I think that has left people confused. Engineering reminds me of three things, because it makes life an issue in this way: 1) Stalin’s Russian autocracy turned totalitarian murdering substitute, 2) Hitler’s green party and the subsequent rise in left-wing green politics in Belgium in the 1970s, and 3) the innate inability of engineers to exercise conducive creativity towards any human-led cause.

Autocracies are important because of how the benefactors of WWII began to hate them subsequently. I’m not sure why civilisation makes us forget that trade unions happened just before this time because of monarchies, as if this were an irrelevant complication, but I know for sure that saints hate communists. That must be how it manages itself by stinking everyone else out.

It’s difficult to make comedy about post-Soviet Russia, but I’m reminded that the farce in that line wasn’t about the committee, so therefore I wouldn’t understand why you would think that I’m the one at fault for supporting sustainability in that context. That’s modern Europe, from my perspective.

Hitler springs to mind, as Hitler always does to everybody’s mind in that uncanny way that can only be attributed to lack of humanity. I’m only concerned because people refuse to admit that they love bunnies. Isn’t that weird? Livestock and its byproduct is responsible for 51% of the entire world’s greenhouse gases and animal agriculture is the number one leading cause of the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest and I think that’s really disgusting, even though the Nazis invented the concept of protecting nature reserves from people. Liberals think it all levels itself out because of liberals, but Hitlerism is not an ism.

I think civilisation forced me through the wrong puberty on purpose, even though it would lie about this at its own alter. If a single human could reverse-engineer his job that fails to understand the fact that resources are non-renewable, a recycling centre would take its place. It reminds me of social housing. In my country engineers are genuinely responsible for a real-life atrocity.

Anyway, if you could possibly grasp that this is not a tangent, I wouldn’t have to accuse you of anything.


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