Three Things I Hate About Ancient Egyptology

The Ancient Egyptology establishment is a complete farce. Academics get away with saying whatever they want and anyone with a different view is typically silenced. Conspiracy theorists get way too much attention and that pays off, because it keeps the ‘smart people’ (the extreme sceptics and atheist neo-Darwinists) in the loop about nothing. Do you see where I’m going?

There are three things I actually believe about Ancient Egypt that ‘established’ historians do not accept. Some do, but they generally lose their positions when they talk about it.

1) Ancient Egypt (the great pyramids at Giza and the Sphinx) are much, much older than academia says, 2) Ancient Egyptian beliefs were much more sophisticated than Christian beliefs and 3) Ancient Egypt was technologically (and intellectually) advanced.

The reason I really hate Ancient Egyptology is that the academic establishment has become a platform for racism, colonialism, atrocity and poverty and here’s basically why.

#1 Historians lie about Hitler

Ancient Egypt existed and not because of slavery

It makes no difference to the fact that Hitler lied about historians. We all know that. The sneaky part is when historians lie about that. There are other people apart from historians who do this too, like the Pope, conspiracy theorists and the Jewish super rich and the control these groups assert over society and economy is very telling about what historians exist to lie about. It is very intellectual and far-removed in this snobbish way: People proclaim ‘evidence’ here.

I suppose the real virtue of historians is that it really makes no difference to Nazi atrocity when they lie about how the Church embezzled itself, or how Nazi ideology was Christian, by comparison, or, to follow through with the same point, that the pyramids at Giza are much older than 2000 years. That’s seen to be a virtue because of rights to heritage, which means the ‘right to under-fund’ projects and excavations that require creativity to understand is seen as a form of innocent ignorance and not arrogance by this right-wing ideology, which apparently still decides truth from fact. The benign side is that it’s old-fashioned at best.

Hitler jokes actually no longer work in the New Age and haven’t we had enough of that?

#2 Capitalists lie about religion

The Roman Empire converted to Christianity

Are historians capitalists? I don’t know, or care! The fact is they never stop banging on and on and fucking on about how great the Roman Empire was. I don’t know why or how contemporary Italy, its Mafia, Church and government, or even Catholic Brexit never fully converted to this view, but I know for sure that history genuinely cares about how the Roman Empire conquered the world. They do attribute the fall of Ancient Egypt to the rise of the Roman Empire and the fall of Ancient Greece to the death of Socrates, whose philosophical heir, Plato, died a historical death by citing the existence of Atlantis… (what?!)

Then it was Jesus of Nazareth who failed to convert the people to an opaque ideology about how the Jewish government was probably corrupt. Not that he died doing this. The people just became this type of government instead and so it would be a crucial point that the people who worship Yahweh (the God of Abraham) are the same ‘people’ who demonised Yahweh (the devil in Ancient Egyptian paganism), but the former only in a much more financially defeatist way. And wouldn’t that be inaccurate since Egyptians are not Romans, not even in ‘trade’?

In my opinion, Christianity created a level of collective intellectual poverty that is to this day not entirely fathomable. No one with money or power in this world is willing to count these losses at any cost.

#3 People lie about intelligence

Colonialism has driven every quest for treasure  since the colonial (and post-colonial) concept of treasure

A great civilization generally requires intelligent people to make it all happen. I suppose, the easiest way to fully deny that people are capable of anything is to employ the concept of Nazism to scare kids “because it was only then that colonialism really turned bad!” We mustn’t forget about ‘post-colonialism’ since we are now ‘post Apartheid’ (because we’re not postmodern?!), because isn’t it true that most people in our society do not possess an iota of creativity and therefore it would be much more utilitarian if they worshiped themselves? It’s best to leave Africa buried from their angle (and for Africa’s own protection from the other angle).

I don’t know why people think that human logic in and of itself (rationalism, or even empiricism!) is an adequate form of rationality towards solving human mysteries. For intelligent people this type of cosmopolitanisation is actually a malignant horror. Isn’t it true that these historians want war so that they can commentate? Maybe that’s too far if they genuinely believe in Darwinism… and on and on it goes and isn’t that sarcastic and don’t monotheistic laypeople hate them too? Blah, blah, bla!

I don’t come from this institution, so I don’t know why everybody else does. Plus, they just don’t have a clue, even though they talk a lot about logic.


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