Why I’m Boyflux: Rotation and Relation are Different Things!

It is not advised that you begin a paragraph with a counterfactual. However, the fault is not mine and I believe that weirdos don’t have mental capacity to understand this one; if free will metaphysically existed and could be practically observed by any idiot, then the conversation would still centre around feminism.

Weird. I mean, it can’t be true that gender as such is invisible and that unless it says it on your I.D. card, you’re identification is also invisible. It scares me how much people want to talk without thinking and even talk about thinking. It is not even a legal fact that gender is invisible, even though minority stress happens to LGBT people even when they are not consciously discriminated against by any given individual ‘people’.

That sausage stinks.

Imagine if this were all a joke and the chauvinists in the pub eventually slapped us on the back and proclaimed not to care, somehow. Perhaps difference is where paranoia starts. Then again, maybe difference is where capitalist ideology ends itself. You will never know unless you go to war (and on that front, let’s seriously not).

We hope quietly that American foreign policy is not where war in the contemporary age of the meaninglessness of contrary violence becomes meaningful again. Violence and war are different, I remind myself.

I support reality. I really do. Ireland has to leave the EU, man. That will always come across as random to people who didn’t know that foreign policy, a history of colonial war and Russian totalitarianism censor smaller countries. Laughable, isn’t it? So many people voted.

But people died for this unspoken rule about free speech. Aaron Schwarz was one. Then Bruce Jenner was another.

It’s not about debt. War pigs can suck it.

My identity is still anonymous. Would it be any of your business if this were homogeneous? Working class people don’t express this issue as if people were not people. Politics always steals from us, people! Believe me. They only care about making us broke and then they call that white.

That’s too crazy for trans people. We prefer to have the kind of laugh about what kind of shit is in someone’s pants. That’s always more important. After all, what would we actually die for in this hideous straight society?

Give it back.

It sounds like we, our cute cottages and left-handed money got left behind, doesn’t it? Is our nation still capable of sex? I’m not getting down on my knees for this.

And anyway, what’s new?


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