Our ‘Converting’ Society

Modernity is our current age since the Age of Enlightenment. ‘Postmodernity’ is something else, more of an adjective and it doesn’t really describe an age in human history, but does perhaps describe our inability and our efforts to move away from modernity. Modernity is Christianity (and its dogma, its oppressive values and misogyny), libertarianism (and its ignorance and arrogance), cosmopolitanism (and all its complifications, its equalities and inequalities), modern democracy (and its rules about free speech and racism), environmental degradation (since it was a concept that one could exploit a rainforest), human rights (and WWI and WWII), Nazism (and the Church that supported it), farming (and it’s inability to feed the world), population (and its eternally failing tax system), capitalism (and the way it is just too broad a term for the things it does) and so on and so forth.

Gay reparative therapy is an expression of the subconscious of this culture and it has wider repercussions, even when you are not directly subjected to it, by virtue of the fact that society does not care for banning it. Gay reparative therapy is said by the pigs who advocate it to be an issue for our ‘modern age’, like their old-fashioned version of ‘postmodernity’, which can’t possibly exist, of course, since postmodernity cannot possibly mean anything that is old-fashioned. It reminds me of ‘converting’ as such. In the strictest sense of the term, converting is what makes modernity be what it is and this has not changed since the advent of neoliberalism, even though the likes of Google and Facebook and the rest of the hideous internet pigs advocate for neoliberalism with its indoctrinated war propaganda about human diversity. The issue is, of course, the principle that gays have to convert to a society that hates gays and this is why gays have to come out and indeed, gays have to come out and this is why gays have to convert. If coming out will always be about ‘the box’, there will not be a gay pride movement in the future of modernity, not that pride about anything human has ever been embraced by modernity and its societies. This is why there are people who are advocating for us to leave modernity and that hideous satanism behind us.

Now, the old-fashioned would not understand this concept, since how do you change the world? You cannot overnight and therefore you cannot in your lifetime and if you were born white and straight you will never have to come out about slavery or your relationship to God, so why would the rest of us, since the only meaningful thing about human civilisation is its initial intent? The stupidity of exploitation and its globalisation proves that this level of intellect is designed to fail: its intention legally absolves it from its consequences. Generally people proclaim to fully understand the point that the people on the top of this particular pyramid culture which incessantly talks about ‘who gets to be gay and how’ are pigs, but they really fail to fully understand it, partly because none of them are gay, partly because they are unsophisticated and partly even because they are pigs as well.

If the next spawning generation will ever learn to shut the fuck up, it will already to be too late somehow, as all guns now point everywhere, as the same groups are still stigmatised and the same people are still shot at, only, as modernity proves, during its final hateful breath, there will be nothing new to emerge for it to exploit.


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