The Transmen’s Problem

No man is brave enough to tell someone else to be a man these days. Even though we like to pretend that happens (via a history of school beatings which stopped in the 90s, with current Church worship, Sunday appearances and Starbucks) it really doesn’t. My theory is that most people are cowards. My second theory is that most people are fucking stupid. When people are cowards they’re afraid of getting beaten up in a fight about who is a real man and who is not. When people are stupid they just don’t know how to solve a problem.

Transmen need help to understand why this world makes them dress up as women, not because their poor, over-worked mind needs help but because your world demands to be helped by women (and even by men) because your world won’t learn to help itself. The truth is transmen never get an answer to why the world makes them ‘be women’! In actual fact, there really is no answer. There is no justifiable reason to make a man dress up as a woman. The effect this dehumanisation has on a man is evident in dress style.

The small problem and the big guy are two different things.

Titties ‘n’ Beer, Guys!

Beer and titties, man… Historically titties and beer have always been affected by a ‘minority’. The Q&A internet campaign doesn’t work, because the Transman Q&A clearly never works, because people’s questions are personal and uncurious about beer and titties and worse yet about transmen. I don’t know why a retard would ask me if I’m a retard. It beats me. “Were you a woman before? And now you’re a man?” “Why are you taking male hormones when you are a pretty girl before?” If you ask a transman if they were a woman before you, you have to expect something in return… Stop acting like that’s obtuse just because you think I’m a retard, man.

The conversation needs to change about what human life is. People completely discriminate against gender transition, but don’t reflect on gender dysphoria. Why do people do that? They believe sex dolls get raped… Oh! It’s a sex bot statistic, guys, because why would a guy not like his titties? Guys are supposed to like titties. So guys assault you because of statistics (there’s a discrepancy between beating and assaulting) when you don’t like titties, probably even because of your own gender dysphoria… It’s a really serious illness…

I noticed even the crickets
Was actin’ weird up here
And so I figured I might
Just drink a little beer
I said, “gimme summa that what yer suckin’ on…”
But there was no reply
‘Cause she was gone…

Why is gender dysphoria treated as a mental illness? Because mental illness doesn’t exist in that singular way that the sugar plum fairy makes out like it does. Duh! Autism Epidemic, yo! That doesn’t mean, that the argument that transgender doesn’t exist is true just because the autism epidemic exists… I think people like making shit up because they didn’t learn how to deal with their ignorance in their lunchbox schooling69442762 period. That’s not interesting. How do I get famous?

Homophobia is learned. Why homophobia is an accepted term by the LGBT community, even though we know it’s completely different from Islamophobia, when the term phobia is itself a poverty can be explained away by poverty (and AIDS). Phobia is a worse poverty than OCD housewives. Do I need another lame meme? It intimidates me that people don’t get why the LGBT community is made a minority by the straight unsexed majority. People don’t know how to talk to women anymore, sometimes. We still haven’t become anything other than this concept… as a race. Uuh! I used that word again (fucking ‘*ace’) when that’s not supposed to stigmatise the ghetto. What the fuck? I love you, nigger, but I’m not the Eminem-MSM-M&M who can’t suffer from exhaustion in the correct way for a prick to get off. If we drank, smoked, fucked and fought over it it would be the same. Why isn’t that funny?

I don’t think people have an innate ability to love and I don’t think that this side of people should therefore justify people’s lives, especially when religion amplifies that concept and then replaces rock music with it. People deserve to fight and die for radical beliefs like this. Life is not a big deal. Race knows this. People’s lives are justified by what they do with it, you see. Their intention to love others does not mean that they do. A lack of rationality quickly creates pessimism and bad esteem. Gay Pride is about something completely different. Black lives matter, though, depending on the individual (and the community). Jesus… Did you get it? Black lives always matter. Pint. I don’t know, man, it just always comes up!


There’s always going to be one person out there who says their transgender condition is an illness. However, mine is not, to the best of my knowledge nor is it anyone else’s. Did a retard just think I contradicted myself because they didn’t learn what a fallacy is? That’s not harsh on parenting, man. It’s a shame they didn’t make a statistic out of me just because everyone’s confused about McDonald’s half the time. There are not enough statistics about statistics, you see. For me transgender is a problem that if not possible to solve, can be relieved with various things like hormone therapy, surgery, dressing appropriately, reducing stress, sinking assholes’ ships, mutilating people’s behaviours, committing uh-icide, etc…

Transgender deserves a stripe on the rainbow flag for a variety of reasons. This is the argument that the America Community doesn’t understand, I suppose. Transgender is also a member of the gay minority even though many transgender people are straight. I need to explain this. Most people do not understand what a minority is because they honestly never thought about what a group is not. Gay is not supposed to be a minority. It’s supposed to be a group. Get the fuck over it, please. Learn to differentiate between gay, lame and other stuff.

People confuse self-esteem with sex for bad reasons and they discriminate against gay pride for these ones, because when money is sexy it belongs to the correct people.  People know the economy is a weak idea and that’s why they protect it for religious reasons and things don’t really change then. Why discriminate against me when it’s only your individual stupidity which is a minority these days in contrast with autism? I figured it out ages ago. The stupid brain is small. I’m 5ft3. When I see someone get kicked I think it’s funny. I don’t think money a priori is that sexy. Do I think you are a priori sexy? I don’t give a toss. I would care if you’re sexy, though. Do you think you’re a retard? Gosh! Your current affair ended.

As a transgender person I have a sensitive image. Pint. Why is LGBT still mostly a prison image, though? It very much hinges on this for me. I have nothing against prison, except that cool people get incarcerated, cunts walk around it and it sucks like a bitch, so I’ve heard (never been there, man, but still). I have an opinion about prison: I think civilisation sucks like a worse bitch. That actually makes sense, bitches. “Congratses”. I’m not one. I just can’t carry that weight on my shoulders and feel like my life is purpose-built. That’s supposed to be optimistic, if not comedic for your sake.


So here’s to them.

Why Are You Dumb? Drill Here.

My self-esteem is more important than your existence. That’s kind of what self-esteem means. When you tell me you don’t have any, when you make me listen to that I just don’t know what your life’s about. Self-esteem doesn’t mean arrogance about your self-pity, but some of the best self-esteem is when it’s even aware of its own arrogance. The greatest hatred towards great men is based in a hatred of self-esteem as such, judging by facts that were created by assholes. That’s bizarre you might say, but I know this because of male privilege.

Feminism is not my angle. Men need to learn how to dispense with this term. I let go of the concept that a women’s movement could lead the change that men are equal to women because civil rights movements don’t work that way. Equality is one thing. That’s not opaque. If I fucked this doughnut over here and fucked this doughnut over there the fat bastard won’t see the cinnamon on that one. Libertarianism is another. This is very trivial, but clearly people are afraid of conviction. Guys, that’s a separate issue. And so are women. For you.

You’re breaking up. Am I losing you? You are important to my self-esteem. This guy is just the bare bones of it. I’m slim.

You can’t support gay rights if you can’t put the face of a gay guy before the right to be gay. That’s if you’re not gay. I mean, you can support gay rights. No one’s saying you can’t, man. Why is this a fucking opinion for people? I mean, gays give a fuck. It’s just…

Anyway, this whole topic doesn’t offend me, even though people out there fuck animals and that’s sort of not a thing for them. I wonder what civilization actually expects from me, since it clearly doesn’t know what it wants, except the working classes to not have class consciousness.

I have to breach this topic. It bores me like a drill might.

‘How’ Lame?

I thought we were going with a coming out gay joke, but I think that would be lame if it were not funny. I’m already wondering if I should allow the hate speech on here, because I believe in it’s purpose when the world is out to make the purpose of life the opposite of purposeful. Thing is, I don’t know how retarded I should be for you. If I wrote here that I was some kind of gangster I’d be in less trouble with you and in more trouble with the law. Why would you do that to me? You’re retarded. Because that’s like saying you vote for a conscious fucking reason and I don’t, or something.

Yeah… I have no idea what you fucking want. Do you have a dick problem? This is difficult, actually. If I could say it any other way I probably wouldn’t. I don’t know who’s thing that is all the time. The information drip feed is like a noise in my head that offends me. Is it a lot to ask to make yourselves aware of what a dick is?

I’m conscious of the fact I’m a man, guys. Do you know what that means? This lame guy centuries ago pointed out that public reason exists. You know, the ‘public use of reason’… This level of indoctrination on which you think you function either has nothing to do with you or your indoctrination is false, man. I don’t know what to say to you. How many humans ever actually say anything in their entire damn lives? Straight sex would make nihilists out of the best of us.

Shrinks entertain people these days. That says it all in my opinion. I think they’re probably confused about whether there’s a war somewhere. The people who see shrinks, I mean. I’m not a warrior, but I am a native.

It’s hard to know where this is going. If I said ‘I’m ginger,” “I’m an alcoholic” you’d even fucking get it. This is meant for everybody. Bring it on guys. Because would a fart get it?