Why You’re Reading this Blog

Usually people who pick on me with some kind of label in mind found me on the internet because of it. I can’t really explain why you did what you did, coming here, but I know that you want the world to change, because it’s either black or white for you. You either want trans people to stop existing and go to Church, or you want that ideology to burn and those people to shut the fuck up.

You want to know about real demons and true monsters, because the rest of the fake crap is shit and annoying. You’re reading because you’re like me and you know it: Human without a race. Hopefully I didn’t just make that up for you because you failed to be imaginative enough when you realised something about civilisation.

Feminism is confrontational. I get it, but take it this way: not all dialogue about sexual emancipation is abstrusely hinged by the feminism door. I don’t give a willy about feminism. I’m trans.

I’m glad you’re questioning it.